Scrambled Eggs

A modern day comedy told through the history of a woman's body

Audience members say “Can’t wait to see it again!”

Robin Amos Kahn

Robin Amos Kahn

Gary Richards

Gary Richards

Good plays are hard to find. Good comedies even harder. And a comedy that also tugs on an audience’s heartstrings? Almost impossible. Scrambled Eggs, by Robin Amos Kahn & Gary Richards, is just such a play. Come join us as we follow our exuberant heroine, Karen Hoffman, as she searches for purpose and meaning while trying to create a perfect life!

After a very successful showcase run at The Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row in Manhattan, 68% of respondents to an audience survey said they’d see the show again. Almost half of those responded, “Can’t wait to see it again!” 98% of respondents said they’d recommend the show to someone else. If you’d like to participate in the future of Scrambled Eggs, click to contact John Howard Swain, Lead Producer. In the meantime, check out these testimonials from audience members:

2 thoughts on “Audience members say “Can’t wait to see it again!”

  1. I can’t understand why it takes so long to get a wonderful play like this onstage and making people laugh. Good luck, all ye who labor on its behalf!

    • Thanks for your comment, Jim! It caused some discussion among our production team. Our intention is to answer the question “Why does it take so long to mount a production like this?” through the series of articles we’ll be posting on topics from rights’ negotiations to securing the venue, all the way up to designing and building the show. Please stay tuned!


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